CELTis both a virtual and a physical resource aimed at facilitating the creation and support of diverse learner-centered teaching environments. CELT resources are available for students,faculty, and staff.


Banner contains your personal records, including grades, holds, and other student information.
  • If you already know how to navigate in MyRecords, click HERE to go directly to MyRecords.
  • If you need directions for using MyRecords, click HERE for directions.
  • For a forgotten password or navigating the program, getting the information you want, etc., contact the Registrar's Office at 949-214-3078.

Library Resources

You can access library services by visiting

Writing Center

The Concordia Writing Center promotes the University's mission of empowering students for a life of learning and service by providing an environment for developing and refining independent writing You can access the writing center website by going to:

AtomicLearning provides excellent tutorials on many software products, including Microsoft Office. To obtain log-in information, stop by IT in Admin 220 with your ID or email

Blackboard Help for Students

You can get answers to many of your questions by asking your instructor how they utilize Blackboard for your course. Blackboard offers a self help site located at

Blackboard Known Problems & Solutions

Your web browser is the main interface with Blackboard. It is highly recommended that you install and use at least three different web browsers on your computer. When something does not look or work correctly on one, simply try again using another.

The default web browser on a PC is Internet Explorer and Safari on a Mac. It is recommended that you you also install Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome These are free and work on both PCs and Macs.

CHAT PROBLEMS (typed version) Here are the three most common issues that cause the Chat window for typed chat not to open, and the solutions:

1. A pop-up blocker is active. Some software is specifically designed to block all pop-ups. Since the chat window is a pop-up, the blocker must be disabled in order for your to participate in chat. Check to see that you do not have an active pop-up blocker, and if you do, disable it.

2. If you are working in a networked environment, your router may be configured to block pop-up windows. Check whether this is the case, and if so, disable the function.

3. Chat is a function of JAVA, and different "flavors" of Windows have different characteristics. If the window in Blackboard for chat does not open, follow the on screen directions to download and install the version of Java required. You can download the latest version by clicking here.

Often the following types of problems will cause Blackboard not to display mail properly, chat will fail to load, pages won't totally open, etc. Included are possible solutions to the issues.

    Virus - If you are not already running anti-virus software, you would be wise to purchase and install one of the many on the market. If you have installed an anti-virus program, keep it up to date. New virus forms are constantly being developed by people with more time on their hands than sense. If you computer is starting to do unpredictable things, run a scan to see if a virus could be the cause. If you want to run a free scan from the web, go to and use their HouseCall feature located in the Free Tools area. It works well, but is not a substitute for having a program installed. One such free program is AVG and can be downloaded at

    Spyware - Some websites install spyware on your computer to see and report what you are doing. This happens without your realizing anything is being installed. You can go to Use the search box to search for Spybot. Download, install, and run Spybot - Search and Destroy. It is offered free by a group interested in keeping the Internet safe.

    Another excellent free program for removing Spyware is called SuperAntiSpyware. Download, install, and run the free home user version.

    Ad-Aware - Like spyware, these track where you go on the net in order to better target advertising when you go to a site. They are installed without your knowledge as you surf the web. You can download Ad-Aware free at Install and run this software to detect and delete ad-ware from your computer.

Email (
  • This is the official email of the university. You will receive notification of financial aid awards, deadlines, etc. through this account, so you do need to check it. To access it, go to Your password sheet will have your user name and password. If you do not have your password, contact and include a contact phone number or you can call them at 949 214-3175. The system works in a very similar manner to all web-based mail programs. 

Computer Study Lab

  • Administration Building 101
  • Featuring 24 desktop computers and a printer.
  • Hours of operation:
    6:30 a.m. – 1:00 a.m. Everyday


Occasionally, technology does not perform as advertised. Sometimes it is a simple problem, and others require more digging. Help requests for Information Technology Services (including passwords) may be sent to You may also leave a message at extension 3175. The IT support webpage is at

Reserving AV Equipment
Students may reserve equipment for classroom related
activities, such as presentations, etc. Equipment can
not be checked out for personal use. Reservation requests can be made by emailing

Disability and Learning Resource Center

The Disability and Learning Resource Center is committed to ensuring that Concordia University, Irvine is a campus that is welcoming and inclusive of all its students, faculty, and staff. 

If there are additional resources you would find helpful,
please share your ideas with John Randall at or 949 214-3358
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