Using the A-Z Journal Title List

If you have the citation for an article but you can't find it in a particular database, use the A-Z Journal Title List. This list reflects the journals and magazines available to you through the CUI Library. This list contains all print, microfiche, and electronic titles.


After your research, one of your citations reads as follows:

Follow the steps to find out if the library has that article in full text.


Click on the A-Z Journal Title List under the CONNECT ME WITH listing on the left side of the screen at the library web site.


The journal name is Reading Research Quarterly so click on the letter R or type the start of the title in the search box and click Search.


Scroll down on the page until you find Reading Research Quarterly. Notice that the CUI Library has the title in both print and/or microfiche and electronic formats.

The citation says the date of the article is Jul-Sep2003, so it is NOT available in electronic format. The electric format in JSTOR only goes through December 1998. To view the article, you will have to find the print version in the Bound Periodicals in the library.

NOTE: If it were available in electronic form, you would simply click the name of the database, then click the year, then the issue, and then find the article.

Updated 8/6/2004