Using EBSCOhost
to Search Online Databases

The vast majority of our online periodicals can be searched through EBSCOhost, including Academic Search Premier, Wilson Education, Business Source Elite, PsycInfo, etc. A complete list can be found at the library's web site under research databases. On campus you will go directly into the database. From off campus, you will need your Banner number and password to gain access.


Go to the library's website. On the home page, click on the research databases link.


This will bring up the following page:

You will find the list of the databases and the topics they generally cover. This will help you focus on the ones that will be the most helpful to you. Since all work in a similar fashion, this tutorial will use Academic Search Premier.


If you already know the database you are going to use, you can go directly to it from the library's home page by clicking on the EBSCOhost Research Databases link under Connect Me With in the left hand column of the page. This will bring up the list of databases. Click on the box in front of the database you are going to use. You can select more than one and search several at the same time. For the purposes of this tutorial, select Academic Search Premier and click Continue.


This is the Academic Search Premier page:

Here are some things to remember as you construct your keyword search:

  • You may specify Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals only by selecting this box if you are required to use articles that have been read and confirmed by specialists in the area.
  • To limit your search further, you could select a specific date or range of dates and/or a specific publication year.

Once you have made your selection, and typed your search topic in the Find: box, click on the Search button.


The following search results are from selecting Character Education as the Find: keyword, and selecting both Full Text and Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals:

  • If your citation includes the HTML Full Text option, you may click this link or the title link to view the text of the article.
  • If your citation includes the PDF Full Text option, you may click this link to open the article using Adobe Acrobat. This view will be identical to how it appeared when printed in the journal.
  • To print the results list, use Print in your browser options.

You have several options for saving a document once you have it open. PLEASE NOTE: These are options on the web page within the search, and NOT options on the Browser Menu bar.

  • To PRINT, use the option for Print. Do not use the Browser Print option.
  • If you want, you can e-mail the article to your self.
  • Save will allow you to save it as a document on your hard drive or floppy disk.
  • The Add to folder option will allow you to save the article while you are continuing the search. Before you exit the search, you must print, e-mail or save the document(s) in your folder. Once you leave the search, the contents of this folder disappear.

Helpful Hints:

  • Use the citation information from the results list or the abstracts to see if the periodical is one of the many that the CU Library subscribes to if it is not available online in this data base..
  • To determine if the CU Library has the periodical, check on the A-Z Journal Title List on the home page. Type the name of the journal in the search field, and click on the Enter button.
  • If it is not available at the CU Library, fill out a courier form at the Charging Desk.
Updated 6/14/2005