to Search Online Databases

JSTOR's collection of journals and periodicals goes back more years than most data bases, generally to the start of publication. The most current volumes may not be there yet, but they are available through other online or print resources. JSTOR covers over 400 scholarly journals.


Go to the library's website. On the home page, click on JSTOR in the left hand column under CONNECT ME WITH:


Below you will find the basic search page for JSTOR:

Type in your search term. Click the Search botton.


We will use the sample below to explain your options for retrieving the document:

  • To view the article, click on the article title.
  • To view the CITATION or ABSTRACT, click the Citation/Abstract link.
  • To print, click PRINT. You will first see the article and then the option to print the PDF.
  • To view the PAGE of the article where your search term first appears, click on the Page of First Match link.
  • To DOWNLOAD the article, click the Download link. This will offer options for HTML, PDF, etc., depending on the article. Not every article is available in every format. Once it is open on your screen, you will need to do a SaveAs to send the article to your hard drive or floppy disk.
  • To EMAIL the article, you need to first Save Citation by clicking on that option. Once it is saved, you can click on the View Saved Citations link near the top of the page. This will bring up the following menu:

Using the drop-down menus, select as an email. Once you click on Export, you will be asked for the email address. The recipient and sender email address can be the same.

Updated 5/10/2005