CELTis both a virtual and a physical resource aimed at facilitating the creation and support of diverse learner-centered teaching environments. CELT resources are available for students,faculty, and staff.

AtomicLearning provides excellent tutorials on just about any software product including Microsoft Office and Blackboard. This site has been customized for the needs of higher education.

Contact John Randall or anyone on the IT staff for the user name and password.
SafeAssign Resources

Instructor Manual

AV Control Panels

DeNault Auditorium Control Panel Instructions

Extron Control Panel Directions

For AV and Tech help, please contact IT. You may send them an email at its@cui.edu or leave a message at extension 3175. The IT support webpage is at http://www.cui.edu/it/

Library Resources

You can access library services by visiting http://www.cui.edu/library

Disability and Learning Resource Center

The Disability and Learning Resource Center is committed to ensuring that Concordia University, Irvine is a campus that is welcoming and inclusive of all its students, faculty, and staff.

Millennial Generation Resources

12/07 - CBS 60 Minutes did a report called
The Millennials Are Coming!
It is well worth the watch. There is a short commercial before you get to the presentation. Mary Scott, Provost.

Educating the Net Generation

Celt Center

The CELT center is located on the second floor of Grimm Hall, administrative wing. The following equipment and software are available for your use:

-Use SPSS statistical analysis software
-Scan documents and pictures
-Scan slides and 35mm negative film
-Create Acrobat files
-Create audio files from cassette tapes
-Burn CDs and DVDs
-Create video files from VHS and DVD media

Training and help are available - Contact John Randall (x3358) for an appointment

If there are additional resources you would find helpful,
please share your ideas with John Randall. Thanks.

Blackboard Resources
(click here for additional resources)

**OnDemand Video Tutorials**
- Adding Content (video - 2 min. 30 sec.)
- Adding Tools to the Course Menu (video - 2 min)
- Blackboard Manual
- Blogs (video - 2 min. 45 sec.)
- Creating Groups (video - 2 min. 45 sec.)
- Copy materials from one course to another
- EduGarage by Blackboard
- Grade Center (video - 2 min. 30 sec.)
- Instructor Guide
 - Overview Pictorial
- Navigating and Editing (video - 3 min. 25 sec.)
- Semester evaluation - how to view the results
- Supported Web Browsers for Blackboard 9.1
- Weighting Grades

ShoreTel Phone Directions

           Installing the Software
Quick Guide

General Resources

Adding a Printer

Bibliography of Resources for
Engaged, Active Learning

(from Faculty Retreat 2008)

Moving Online (Presentation from TechEd)

Outlook - Making a Distribution List

Office 2007 & 2010 - The latest versions of MS Office use a new file format that can not be opened by Office 2003 without installing the Office Compatibility Pack which is free from Microsoft.com. Contact IT to arrange installation. You can also ask your students to save documents as .doc (Office 97-2003 format) rather than the default .docx (Office 2007 & 2010 format).

Passwords - Changing and Unlocking

Policy on Honesty and Plagiarism
Helping Students Avoid Plagiarism in Term Papers

Writing Assessment Rubric
Writing Assessment Rubric with Notes Spaces

Webmail Access from Off Campus


Writing Center

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